The Israeli Security Academy (I.S.A.)

General Background on the Academic Activities
The Israeli Security Academy (I.S.A.) was established to provide pertinent professional security training to functionaries in all the different public and private sectors of society. The Academy's curriculum has been especially adapted for security officers and agents employed in the state, public or private sectors, as well as for employees of industry not subordinate to the general security array of the State of Israel.

Due to extensive worldwide demand for security training (Israeli concept), the I.S.A. has initiated courses and provides services in many countries around the globe.

The Academy is divided into several fields:

VIP Protection
I.S.A. is able to provide internationally trained consultants, specializing in VIP protection, all of whom have held senior governmental positions and have operated at the highest echelons worldwide.

Special Units
I.S.A. is qualified to set up comprehensively trained Special Units for Governments, Public Bodies, State Authorities and other entities. Each unit will be especially contrived to befit designated individual customer needs and purposes (anti-terror units, sniper units, anti-crime units, etc.).

Airport Security
I.S.A. Is able to provide airport security services for domestic and international airports, Including Air cargo security and training Aircraft Security Officers (Air Marshals). The I.S.A. is able to offer initial survey and risk analysis and training in each Of the mentioned fields.

Security Systems
I.S.A. can provide the latest in security consultancy and engineering, together with ad-hoc assistance in the planning, installation and operation of security systems.

Loss Prevention
I.S.A. has the knowledge and experience to set-up customized 'loss prevention packages' to reduce theft and fraud by employees and suppliers and eradicate shoplifting, vandalism and sabotage.

Security Information Systems and Network
I.S.A. can design, provide and maintain customized security packages for Information Systems, Internet and Intranet networks. The service includes a sweeping evaluation of the existing information systems, while eliminating 'breaking and entry' options.

The training program
The training programs are unique and multi-faceted. They encompass theoretical studies, given in frontal style lectures, which rely on a wide variety of realization tools, including slides, professional films, relevant pedagogic literature, etc., together with exercises, simulations, tours to security sites, bilateral exercises, area training, etc.

All I.S.A.'s lecturers and instructors are permanent members of the Academy's staff. They are all graduates of Israel's various security fields (military, secret service and anti-terror units), have extensive experience in their specialist field and are thus best suited to convey the required capacities and skills acquired during many years of practical operational activities against elements of terror and crime.